5 tips to do after sharing your first Blog post

Creating a blog is very easy. You can create blogs on Blogger and WordPress very easily. And after creating a blog, the task is to write a post for your blog. In this post I will show you how to write a blog post or publish a post. I will not tell you about it.

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5 best SEO tips

What can I do for you after sharing the first post of this blog? I'll tell you in this post. Well you have to do a lot to make the blog successful. But you should always pay attention to get maximum traffic from each of your posts.

Many new bloggers get confused after publishing their first post. What to do now? But if you are reading this post, I can say for sure that after reading this post, you will be sure what you should do after sharing the first post.

After sharing the first post on the blog, do these 5 tasks

Guest Post:

When you share the first post on your blog, then you should post a guest on the blog of your related bloggers. But many bloggers wonder what's the point of posting on another blog? But let me tell you that posting guest blogs on related bloggers will give you quality backlinks to your blog. You will also get good traffic for your blog.

Contact other bloggers:

Networking is very important for success. So after you share your first post, contact other bloggers. And let them know about your blog. So always comment on their blog or tell them about your post on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because other bloggers can help you increase traffic to your blog and first comment on your post.

Comments on other blogs

Now that you have a blog, you need to create links. And blog commenting is a great way to build links. As well as commenting on other blogs your blog
There may also be some traffic for. So comment on other blogs.

Submit to Directories

Submitting to directories does not increase your blog traffic. But when you publish a post, search engines like Google do not first index your post. But if you submit to directories search engines seem to index your blog and post very fast. So after you share your first post, submit the post to directories.

Write Your Next Post:

You can't make your blog successful with a single post. So now you have to read your second post. But I will not tell you to write another post immediately after one post. But I would definitely recommend you to always write quality articles. And it takes some time to write a quality article. But always write quality articles if you are an authority blogger.

Now after doing these 5 tasks, don't think that your work is over. Because blogging is a continuous learning process. So keep learning and use every single tip to make your blog a success.

Finally, in the comment box below, you must tell me what to do after sharing the first post on the blog. How do you like this information?. Also, don't forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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