AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing which one is best? Earn online

Blog and YouTube are the most popular ways to make money online. In which you can earn good money through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. Today in this post I will tell you what is the best in Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

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Adsenes vs Affiliate

But many Internet users today still think that making money online is not easy and it's fake. But many bloggers and youtubers today are earning more than thousand dollars monthly from the internet.

If you are a blogger then you must have these questions in your mind which is the best in Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing to make money. And how much money can you make in someone?

In this post I will share with you all the information about Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing. This will allow you to decide which is best for you.

Which is the best Google AdSense VS Affiliate Marketing?

  • AdSense pays you to place ads on your blog. And in affiliate marketing you have to sell products. So it is very difficult for any newbie to decide which method to use to make money.
  • Finding an AdSense account takes some time. But on the Affiliate Network you get Instant approved.
  • You get more money from affiliate marketing than Google Adsense.
  • You get AdSense money directly to your bank account. But affiliate payment method is different.
  • At Affiliate you get the products of every niche. Butt Adsenes does not allow a certain niche.
  • AdSense is only managed by Google. But affiliate marketing you will find many small and big companies.
  • AdSense ads slow down your site's loading speed. But affiliate links do not affect the speed of your site.
  • You need targeted visitors to make money from affiliate marketing. And to make money with Google AdSense, you need high organic visitors to your blog.
  • It may take some time before you start earning money in affiliate marketing. But with AdSense ads being added to the blog, your earning starts.
  • In AdSense you get paid by PPC (pay per click). And affiliate marketing is paid for by PPA (Pay Per Action).
  • Without a blog you can start affiliate marketing. You need a blog or a YouTube channel to make money from Adsenes.

Final words

Both Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are great ways to make money from blogs. You can use both for your blog.

If you are blogging on multi niche blog, you will benefit from AdSense more than affiliate at the beginning. And if you're blogging in a single niche, you can do more with Affiliate Marketing than AdSense. AdSense will be the best for newbie.

Because the traffic to the new blog is not high. And affiliate marketing requires targeted visitors on the blog. So Google AdSense is the best way for any niche blog.

But when there is good traffic to the blog, you can start affiliate marketing. And when you have a good earning start from your affiliate, you can close AdSense.

Hope you now understand what is best for you in Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Even if you have any questions in your mind, let us know in the comment box.


  1. Hi Wahid Ullah, Excellent Blog Post. The comparison is excellent. Affiliate marketing is better option. For newbies, AdSense will be the finest option. Yesterday I have read a blog regarding Affiliate marketing: that is awesome. I think we should follow these instructions to become an affiliate marketer. Anyways, Thanks for the perfect blog post.

    1. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback ❤

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