What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging full details

What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging a lot of people want to know about it. And many of our friends have asked me about it on Mail and Facebook. And they want to know what is a blog, and what is blogging, and so on.

What is a Blog? What is Blogger? What is Blogging?
Blog,Blogger & Blogging

So friends, today I am answering this question through this post. After reading this post, you will know very well what is blog, blogger and blogging?

What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging?

Generally everyone knows that this is something that runs on the Internet. But they can't do anything because they don't know much about it. So if you want to know what a blog is, Blogger & Blogging then read this post carefully. Below I will tell you about these 3 things in detail.

In this post I will focus on 3 things. What is Blog, Blogger and Blogging. Below I will tell you about these three things in a few points which will help you to fully understand about Blog, Blogger and Blogging.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website or web page on which someone shares their thaughts and helps readers with their ideas by giving them good information on a subject.

You can call a blog an online writing diary just like you write a diary offline. But on the blog you have to write online. Meaning the blog is just like a diary. But you have to write on it online. Below I will explain the blog in a few points. This will clear you up about the blog.

  • The blog is taken from the original weblog and vlog word.
  • You can also call a blog an online diary, just as we write something daily on our diary, you can also write on a blog.
  • Blog is only part of a website. On which postwriting is done.
  • You can write anything on the blog
  • There are many free blogging platforms on the internet such as Blogger, WordPress, joomla etc.

What is a Blogger?

Actually many people think that the one who creates a blog on blogger.com is called a blogger. But whatever blog you create, you can create it on any platform.

After creating a blog, every blog has its own operator. That is, the person who runs the blog is called a blogger. Suppose you have created a blog. And when you write or share something on your blog, it's called Blogger on the Internet. There are many types of bloggers, such as part time bloggers and full time bloggers, also called professional bloggers.

What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of creating a blog, posting on the blog, managing the blog, and replying to comments. Blogging does not require your own blog. This means that a content writer who writes a post for another site or blog for money is called blogging. You can blog on any topic, I mean, there's no such thing as a blog post. That means you can blog on any topic.

I have shared many such articles on this site. If you seriously want to learn about Blog, Blogger and Blogging. If you also want to become a blogger by creating your own blog, then read the blogger and blogging category of this site. And keep visiting this site. Because on this site I mostly share blog and blogging related articles.

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