What is Event Blogging? How to earn from event blogging.

Event blogging has become very popular nowadays and many bloggers do event blogging and earn huge income. If you also want to do event blogging and earn some income, you should read this post completely. Because in this post I will tell you what is event blogging? And how to start event blogging.

In this Post I will tell you about What is Event Blogging, How to do Event Blogging, How to Earn money from Event Blogging in Less time.
Event Blogging

Event-Based Blog is the best way to make a lot of money from the internet in a short time. Event blogging not requires you to invest more money and time. If you work a few days on the event-based niche blog your earning of few months will be done in only 2 and 3 days.

If you just want to make money from blogging, event blogging is the best way for you. In this post I will tell you step by step about event blogging. So let's start learning about this blogging that you can earn for months in just a few days.

What is event blogging?

Event blogging means micro niche blogging. Bloggers make money on the Internet in a short time by blogging on specific topics. Event Bloggers' goal is to make maximum income in a short time.

A blog that is built on a specific topic by focusing on the upcoming event to get more traffic in single day, weak and month is called event blog. Example, Happy New Year, Festival, Religious Days and Special Days .

Mostly, the event is held for one to two months and in the meantime an attempt is made to attract huge audiences and receive huge traffic. Upcoming event related product promotion or sealing is earned. You can also place Adsense or any other alternative ads to earn from your event blog in less time.

How to do event blogging?

You don't need any special training to do event blogging. Any blogger who is an expert in blogging and SEO or have basic knowledge of blogging can do event blogging. But there are some secret ways to make good income from event blogging that you can follow to make more money.

Choose an upcoming event

When you decide on event blogging and come up with an idea, the first thing you do is select the upcoming event. Choose the most popular on the internet so that you get more traffic and more earning. Below are some popular topics you can select one of them.

Holidays: Some Holidays are very famous all over the world with Pakistan and India, like Eid and Diwali Wishes Quotes, Happy New Year, Happy Ramdhan Day, Independence Day, Christmas Event etc. You can choose any of them.

Sports: Cricket World cup, PSL, IPL, FIFA World Cup, Apple, Olympic and other mini sports days. You can also choose upcoming New Launches event, Upcoming Opening and much more.

Select one of these upcoming events and buy a domain for it and get a professional looking website and blog ready. You must do this 30 to 40 days before the upcoming event.

Set up a Blog and Write a quality article

After selecting the topic, keyword and domain name for the event blog, you have to start the blog and set it up correctly. For this you can select one of the most popular blogging platform WordPress & Blogspot.

For the event blog I would suggest you to select the Blogger platform as it is absolutely free and secure. The best thing you can do is create a blog on Blogger in a minute. And if you are able to pay, you can choose the WordPress platform for which you have to pay for hosting.

After creating a blog, install a theme and template that is relevant to the event. The theme should be user-friendly as well as fast loading. If you have a good coding knowledge you can create a best event template for your Blog otherwise you can download from internet.

So far you have done Keyword Research, Domain Purchase and create Blog for Event Blog. Now you have to write some high quality content on top of the selected event. And event related keywords need to be added to your blog post.

Assuming you are blogging on Independence Day, you should add keywords to your post: Independence Day Quotes, Independence Day Wishes, Independence Day Images etc. This allows your visitors to spend a lot of time on your blog.

Monetize and Promote your Blog

When your event blog is fully ready, you can start earning by adding ads from Google AdSense or any other ads network. In addition to the ad network, you can also earn good money through affiliate links.

Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing
Promote your Own Product

Lastly, you need to receive traffic by promoting your content. There are several ways you can do this. I think social media is the best way to do this but increase the traffic as much as you can and promote as much as you can because you only have 20-30 days.

So this is the information about event blogging, event blogging, and making money from event blogging. I am sure anyone can make years of income by creating an event blog in just a few days. This method can be beneficial for you if you plan to earn more in less time.

The information provided above will be enough to start an event blog. If you know about event blogging, be sure to share your ideas in the comments below to help our readers.

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