10 Best ways to make money from your Blog in 2022

Blogging is a popular trend these days to make money online, with the help of which we can make a lot of money. 

If you are a blogger then you must try many ways to make money like ads, affiliate marketing, sponsor etc. But did you know that this is not the only ways, there are many other ways to make money from blogs.

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I have seen in the blogging field, bloggers failed to make money, because they do not know how many ways they can make money in blogging.

So today in this post I will share with you the 10 best ways to make money from blogging, after knowing all the ways it is now up to you which ways you want to make money.

10 Best ways to make money from your Blog or Website in 2021


If blogging is considered to be the easiest and best way to make money, then the ads, in which we have to put ads on our website, then the more visitors come to our website, the more we earn.

AdSense is the best in the ad network, which is the best in earning and ads quality. You can make money by getting AdSense approved. Or you can use AdSense Alternative on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make more money than blogging, even with less traffic, then you have to do affiliate marketing.

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To make money from affiliate marketing you have to join a best affiliate program and promote their product in your blog, after which you will get commission for whoever buys the product by clicking on your link.

Sponsor Post

If your blog is on a specific niche, and your blog in this field is a bit old. So you will also get offers for many sponsored posts, in which you can take money to publish the post on your blog.

Before publishing a sponsored post, make sure it is related to your blog topic and does not contain anything that could be a problem for your user. Sometimes you will come across sponsored posts that are illegal, so you have to be careful that you never publish such posts if you are looking at your blog for the long term.

Sell eBook

You can also create an eBook related to your blog topic, which you can sell later. Just like you share all the information on your blog, but still people need to have all the information systematic and in one place so they can do it in your eBook.

Creating an eBook will take you only once, after which you can sell as many copies as you want. This is a great way to make extra money from your blog. You can sell your Blog eBook on social media or book depot.

Guest Post

If the authority of your blog is good and your blog is popular then you can take money to publish guest post on your blog.

Every blogger knows the benefits of guest posting, so if he is new to the field or wants to reach a popular blog, then guest posting is the best way.

Share Coupons

Anyone who does online shopping wants to know how to save their money, so people search for online coupon. . So you can share coupons with such offers and earn money through your affiliate link there.

Refferal Program

Many websites or mobile apps run referral programs for their promotion, in which we get commission if someone creates an account on the app or website from our link.

By sharing this product and service on your blog, you can refer more people and earn good money.

Event Blogging

Whenever there is a big event, many people do search related to it, you must know this. So you can create your own blog by targeting this in which the time of the event will get a lot of traffic to your blog and you can earn good money in a short time.

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Here are some things to look for when selecting an event.

  • The blog must be started 2-3 months before the event.
  • High quality backlinks must be built to rank.
  • Do keyword research and publish posts on all keywords.
  • He must also check how much competition there is for the event he is targeting, otherwise your blog will not be able to rank.


In WordPress we can create our own online store and sell goods with the help of WooCommerce plugin. So you can make money by building a section of your website or the entire website on it.

You can also create your own affiliate site if you wish, in which all the products you can connect to sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

Resell Products

There are many products and services on the Internet that are not ours, but we can make money by buying them cheaply and selling them expensively.

This type of product and program has benefited both the user and the owner. Like you can buy reseller hosting and make small plans to sell hosting.

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