How to disable copy past in your blog 2022

 Hello Blogger, if you have a blog and you work hard to put a good post on it, you will not want anyone to copy your post and put it on their blog.

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When we write a post, first we take all the information about it, then we share it with our visitors who can help them. But what do some new bloggers who don't know much about it do? Others copy whatever blog they have and put it in their blog, and they think that if there are more posts, more visitors will come and it will be more. There will be income. But it does not happen at all.

So today we will go into this post on how we can stop people from copying our post. There are many ways to prevent copying.

  • You can disable right mouse click.
  • You can disable text selection on your blog or website.
  • You can disable ctrl+u on your website.
  • You can add Credit links to your website.
  • You can also add a warning message If someone copies from your blog.
  • Can add watermark in image.

So friends, now you must have understood that if you work hard and publish your post, how can you save it.

So let us know how we can prevent people in our blog from selecting text in our post so that they can't copy it.

How to disable text selection in website?

This is very easy to do, all we have to do is add a CSS code that we need to add to the homepage of our blog. So let's see what the code is and what to add.

If you do not want to copy a single word in your blog, you should add this code.

Copy and paste this code under the <head> of your blog and save. You can't select a single word on the site after adding this code to the site.

So friends, this way you can easily prevent the text of your post from being selected. Let people not copy your post. But most importantly, the copyist understands that there is no point in copying. Still, we must do as much as we can..

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