10 Useful Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers 2022

If you are a blogger then you have to do a lot of browsing on the internet to do research or learn something new. In this case, it is important for us to use tools and services that make our job a little easier. In today's post I am sharing with you 10 Best Chrome Extensions that are useful for a blogger, and must use.

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You probably know what extensions are. Simply put, they are intended to enhance the functionality of our browser, which can be installed to add more functions to our browser.

The chrome extension that I am sharing with you is all useful and everyone has their own work. So don't think that what is at the top of the list is good and what is at the bottom is not good. You see the whole list. And you must install any extension that you find useful.

10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers

Bookmark Manager

If you are a blogger then you have to visit a lot of websites, now some for SEO, then there are some blogs that we follow, then there are some tools.

We bookmark as many of our work websites as we have, so that we can easily visit them whenever we need them. But if we bookmark normally, we often forget what the name of the website was or when we bookmarked it.

With the help of bookmark manager we can set all our links by category setting. And one of the special things about it is that by visiting the website, we can also see a preview of the website.

Google Analytics

If you have a website, you must use Google Analytics to track how many visitors are coming to your website and what they are seeing. If not here's a new product just for you!

In Google Analytics, if we want to see any data, we have to open the Google Analytics website, but with the help of this extension we can see the live and previous data on our website. We know which page or post is performing best.


It is normal to have spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes when typing English. So if we have to fix that then Grammarly free extension helps us a lot.

If Grammarly is installed in our browser, then whenever we do some time, the word or sentence that is wrong automatically gets a red link below it, which we can correct by clicking. If you are a blogger then this extension must be in your browser.


Whenever we visit a great website and we like something there be it design, font or layout. Or if we need to know what software this website is built on, we can find out with the help of WhatRuns extension.

All we need to know about the page and what is being used in it is the sample. We have to run the extension after the page is fully loaded.


If you like a lot of Chrome extensions, then this extension must be installed in your browser. Because with this extension you can easily manage all your extensions and disable and disable the extension in a simple click.

Like, if I may say so, there are about 50 extensions installed, but it is clear that there is no need for so many extensions all the time. So with the help of this extension we can manage it all.

We can create groups of all the extensions we have, or create separate profiles. For example, when you have to do keyword research, you can disable all related extensions, while using YouTube, you can disable related extensions.

Bitwarden-Free Password Manager

Online It is very important for us to have a strong password to secure our account on any website, and for the password to be strong, it is necessary for us to use a different password on each website.

Use a different password on each website, but remember how. To solve this problem, we use password manager, in which we can secure all our passwords within one master password.

Find and replace text editing

Sometimes we have to replce a single word everywhere in our post. So replacing all the places one by one seems like a bit of a load job and the time is also very bad.

As soon as a post comes to me, in which the same mistake is made many times, it seems like a big headache to fix it all by searching one by one. After this hassle I installed this extension which made my job much easier now.


Whenever we open a website, they track us from Google Analytics and other scripts, and many scripts load in the background some also come with ads.

If you are running a private business and you do not want the website you are running to find out about you then you can block all tracking with this extension. It also gets faster in the loading time of the website.


If there is a color in the image of any website, you have to find out its color code, then this extension is the best and easy option for it. Simple, we have to run the extension and move our mouse to this color.

When designing the web, time is of the essence, and with a little change of color code, the whole color change takes place. So it is very important to use the same color code that we can do with the help of this extension.

Word Counter Plus

You know how important it is for us to pay attention to word count in every article we write in blogging. The longer the article, the more keywords we can use and then the more chances this article has to rank.

With the help of this extension, you can easily select the text and see how many words have been posted or how long the post has been.

I will suggest you if you have chrome browser then you should install all these extensions and activate it whenever you need an extension.

Extension help not only makes our job easier, but also saves time. So if you want to do productive work then extension must be installed.

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